Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I made promises. I am making good on them.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
For back stories on these photos, please listen to the podcast, which can be found on Itunes or right here:

As for pictures:

The Rainy Day. These covers go the entire length of the school. You never have to walk in the rain... until you get to the bus stop.

I like the low angle of this pic

From the Salaya Market

Like shooting Fish in a barrel... If fish was rice

Fruit, all stacked like ducks in a row.

Organs. I generally avoid these.

Eggs by the... multi-dozen

Green bread implies some kind of added flavor. This lacked that, but was very delicious\

Some pictures of my school

One of the many wonderful ponds

The Architecture Building

Who Knew we had a gym?

My School Building!

There are fish in this pond. I look at them every morning.

Samphram Elephant Grounds and Zoo

The elephant pens. You can walk right up to them.


*Jaws Music

The family that has been so good to me

Monkey Looks Comfy

The Gator Show

We were chillin at the Magic show/ Elephant show

The Magician and his lovely assistant

Part of the show, which was very cool

There was a battle, complete with burning hut. Crazy. Blood Everywhere.

We Went to a Temple, it was awesome

The Roof was Blue Tile. Awesome.

The inside has the story of the temple.

The tablets are Buddhist writings

the inside of the dome... wow.

The sanctuary

A very big Buddha

The trucks are so colorful

Well, I hope that you enjoyed those pics from two weeks ago (sorry about that). It was a fun time for sure.

Monday, March 5, 2012

THIS is the 04 episode of the podcast. Pictures sometime

Here is the player

Follow the intructions on the right if you would rather download and listen on Itunes.

I talk about going to Pattaya, my day with my roommate Waymon and Prof Supatra (Waymon is on it too)going to a temple (tall), a palace (more like a mansion), and a floating market (a ton of food).

I interviewed Professor Supatra, and provide some closing audio which will make many of you jealous (except for the whole Spring Break thing).

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Episode 04

Photos soon. Look over on the right side for instructions on downloading this to itunes (it will show up automatically whenever I upload - cool huh?)

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Sleep now.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Opening The Blog and Podcast to Sponsors

Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am pleased to announce the opening of the althaitrip blog and podcast to sponsors. If you have an online business, I can post an ad on the right side of the blog (or make a special spot for you if you like) or announce your business on each podcast (I will make it sound good, I promise). Please post in the comments section or email me at althaitrippodblog@gmail.com for details.

For anyone else, I will, for the small fee of $5 per message, announce a shout out on the althaitrip.blogspot.com blog or podcast. I will say whatever you want as long as it does not contain profanity or things that are obviously offensive.

Help this guy upgrade equipment a small part at a time (and help to cover the near-approaching necessity to use an online subscription service for the podcast).

A Few Pictures. That's all. No pomp. No Circumstance (I think I butchered that).

I figured that I would take a few minutes to post some photos on the blog here. Tommorrow Diep and Ms. Panom (or PBeem - her nickname is not Nut, sorry), will be taking me to "The Rose Garden." There is an elephant show as well as a lot of other things.

There may be some pictures that have to do with each other (wouldn't that be new).

No more fun talk. Let's get down to viweing pleasure.

The "Pata" or Central Mall. It's Big. It's Legit.

They knew I was coming

OSHA would have a fit

Suprisingly, no loss of electricity yet. I wonder how on earth they add to this. I don't have pictures of it, but sometimes these are bundled together with some kind of metal wire and lashed to metal handrails. If you don't watch where you are walking, sometimes an electrical line will brush your head. It's a scary thing.

The moon looked cool as I got off of the bus one day. I think this picture is framed nicely, eh?

Valentines was celebrated here. I cleaned up in class. Still waiting to eat that Snickers.

Pbeem and Diep took me down Utthayan Road. I will do some more research on this road, but it was really cool.

The road was lined with these awesome light fixtures. It was cool seeing them all in a road.

a cool house on that road

There was a market going on there, complete with Thai Boxing (yeah, I wanted to see, but was not about to take the bus BACK out there at night). It looked to me like the Jockey Lot, mostly because every other little market springs up near bigger buildings, and this one was as close to middle of nowhere as it gets. in Nakhom Pathom.

So that's it. No more for now. Hope that these pictures enriched your lives tenfold.

P.S. I figured out how to make pictures better. Andrew for the Win!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

the first installment of : Bangkok: some of the nicest grafitti around

As suggested by Waymon Cassell, I will be doing a somewhat regular post featuring a bunch of the street art (or graffiti) in Bangkok. These guys are really great; they use stencils.

It certainly beats some of the less than aesthetically pleasing messes found all over our places back in the states. Either you like them, or you don't. I do.

Found on the back side of a road sign over the Phra Pinklao bridge

Our favorite villian resides on a communications box on the Phra Pinklao

So, not really grafitti, but I like the unobtrusive way that they posted their address. It's there if you need to see it, but doesn't stand out obnoxiously.

new podcast episode.

next podcast episode.
It should update on Itunes soon, but if you are itching to hear the stuff, then here it is.

I have added some new little features, which should make it a bit more professional sounding.